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Alternative Cancer Care: Evidence Presented

Lazarus Long Testimonial

Read a study on DMSO’s effect on cancer



Cancer Control Society 2011 Conference

Below is a short video clip (cut to 15 minutes for youtube) containing the core of the evidence for efficacy of our treatments in a presentation given by our own Dr. Lynn Jennings at the Cancer Control Society convention in Los Angeles on labor day weekend in 2010.



7 Reasons Why Camelot Should be Your First Choice in Alternative Cancer Treatment:


1. Among clinics specializing in Alternative (natural, non-toxic) Oncology, Camelot is now ranked among the top 3 worldwide in patient survival rates, according to at least 5 publications.

Although Camelot never made this claim–the alternative oncology community did–we do not dispute it. Response varies among patients, depending upon variable factors, but we are generally able to buy quality time for patients in cases which are too far advanced to reverse.

In addition to directly attacking the cancer, Camelot’s core program also focuses on alkalinization, diet, nutrition, and eliminating the yeast and fungal overgrowth (candida) issues which are often a contributing factor in the development of cancer.

2. No painful needle sticks! Patients receive their IV treatments in comfort.

The key is intravenous access. Patients who do not arrive with a port-a-cath or picc line already in place will receive one upon arrival. PICC stands for “Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter.” It is a tiny catheter placed in an arm vein, which makes it possible for patients to receive all their intravenous treatments in total comfort, with no needle sticks, ever. Weekly labs may also be drawn through it.

3. No side effects, other than very minor, flu-like symptoms, easily tolerated and short lived.

DMSO causes patients to have a temporary odor of garlic and clams or oysters. It disappears within about 72 hours of the last IV. During treatment, patients are generally comfortable for the most part. The natural, botanically-based chemo (refined from wood pulp) is non-toxic, so patients do not experience hair loss. Mild nausea and vomiting is very rare on DMSO. Some patients do experience tumor lysis syndrome, which results in what is known as Herxheimer reaction: a spell of cold chills, which can last up to 15 minutes or more. This phenomenon is caused by rising uric acid levels in the blood, as the body is detoxing from the liquefied dead tumor tissue which has entered the bloodstream. Although it is uncomfortable, it is short-lived, and is generally welcomed as evidence of the treatment hitting the target. One breast cancer patient put it best when she remarked that her worst day on DMSO was better than her best day on standard chemotherapy.

4. Many Camelot patients are allowed to return home early, after a relatively short stay, as soon as their lab reports and our doctor deem them to be stable enough.

Patients and their caregivers are trained in how to care for their picc lines (simple sterile technique, to avoid infection). This makes it possible for patients to return home with supplies, thus shortening their stay at Camelot, after which they may elect to continue treatment in the comfort of their own homes. (With routine lab monitoring and a local primary care physician cooperating.)

5. Camelot uses only top quality formula ingredients.

We administer an intravenous formula based on nature’s own, non-toxic, botanically based chemotherapy. We use only the purest, vacuum-distilled pharmaceutical grade DMSO. In our opinion, it is the very best, and we will use nothing less. The same is true of other formula ingredients.

Camelot uses only the best beet-derived vitamin C, and our amygdalin (Vitamin B17) comes from the most reliable pharmaceutical grade source.

6. Camelot is truly unique among oncology clinics, in the array of alternative treatment weaponry that it offers.

Although we are an outpatient clinic, not a hospital, Camelot is a high-tech facility offering an impressive treatment menu, using a variety of cutting-edge “bells and whistles.” We have instrumentation which delivers UVBI (Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation; also known as photoluminescence), which destroys the viral trigger underlying many forms of cancer. We also offer hyperthermia according to German protocols, as well as EMF (Electromagnetic Field Therapy, for pain management) as well as Coleys Toxins, for treatment of sarcoma and other hard tumors.

While careful to stay strictly within FDA guidelines, regardless of which treatments are administered, (both on and off-label) Camelot does not participate in standard double-blind clinical trials, as is the norm for mainstream facilities. (Translation: Patients coming to Camelot for treatment will receive it immediately, with a care plan that is customized to fit their malignancy and its staging or degree of progression. Camelot patients do not run a 50% risk of being given a dummy placebo, while their cancer continues to advance! Nor do they risk the equally cruel reverse scenario of having treatment withdrawn, just as they were gaining momentum against their cancer.) Camelot focuses on its primary goal of achieving remission and extending patient survival, and does this by using a combination of treatments, customized to fit patient needs.

Camelot’s pathologists are cautious in meeting the strict legal criteria (FDA guidelines) for compounding and incubation of Coleys Toxins.

7. Camelot’s treatment fees are affordable!

They are the lowest of any dedicated alternative oncology clinic within the US, and that may also be true world wide. (To be fair, there are less costly cancer treatment clinics in third world countries, but neither their treatment options nor their equipment and standards are comparable.) A 20 day round of DMSO-based intravenous treatment costs only $12,000 if the patient already has intravenous access, and just $1,000 extra if he or she requires picc line placement upon arrival. If a second or third round of treatment is needed, (as determined by PET scan) the supplies are available at reimbursement cost; just $3,600 for an additional 20 days, which may be administered at home by caregivers or home health aides.